Our Aircraft

N520GB2000 Cessna Citation CJ-1

Our Gorgeous 2000 Cessna Citation CJ-1 is a perfect blend of jet speed and turboprop pricing. For 4 or less passengers, it can’t be beat. It’s fast, quiet and very, very comfortable. Fully equipped with a fully enclosed lavatory. It can cruise at up to 437 miles per hour at up to 41,000 feet to stay well above the weather. Fully equipped with the latest in flat screen avionics, it has the ability to fly direct to your destination, saving you time and money. And with its slower takeoff and landing speed, it can operate into shorter airports that many other jets cannot use, getting you closer to your destination. As with all of our airplanes, we always fly with two pilots.

Flight time examples: (from Palm Beach) to:

  • Atlanta, GA 1h 45m
  • Nassau  45m
  • Turks & Caicos 1h 45m
  • Teterboro, NJ 2h 45m

Lear 45


Our beautiful mid-size Lear 45 has a range of nearly 2,000 miles and a top speed of 533 mph. It cruises far above the weather and the airlines at 45,000 feet. The ultra-luxurious cabin seats 8 in a double club configuration. The noise level in the cabin never exceeds 72db, and a two zone temperature control system ensures that the cabin is kept “shirt sleeve” comfortable at all times. A fully enclosed aft lavatory with sink provides ultimate privacy on the longer flights.

Our “Airshow” video system lets you know where you are with the moving map display, or you can view a video or listen to your favorite CD or MP3. The cabin also features 110 volt outlets so you can use or charge your electronics while in flight. The seats all swivel, recline and rotate for the ultimate comfort and the fold down work tables allow you to get that important report finished or enjoy your fully catered meal. Complimentary Cabin service features Hot coffee, cold soda’s, water and beer, top shelf liquors, and snacks. Full meal catering is available upon request.

slider_3King Air C90B – Jaguar Special Edition, Blackhawk

This airplane is the culmination of over 40 years of improvements and technological advancements made to the most popular prop-jet ever built. Our King Air C90B has an interior of top quality Leather and premium grade wood cabinetry, designed by the interior design engineers at Jaguar Motor Car Company. king_air09_1This interior has been completely redone in late 2009, to be even better than new, featuring 6 passenger seats, hot and cold beverage dispensers and a fully stocked bar.

The Blackhawk engine conversion makes this C90B nearly as fast as the much larger King Air 200, reaching speeds in excess of 320 miles per hour, and it can fly nearly as high, cruising effortlessly at 27,000 feet, above most of the weather. This is a very low time, well maintained airplane, perfect for flights to the Bahamas or anywhere in the Southeastern United States. The GPS moving map equipment allows to “go direct”, saving you time and expense.

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