Our Philosophy

Lear 45 head-on in flightThe foundation of our business has been and will always be safe, reliable, professional transportation for corporate executives and private discriminating individuals. Most of our clients have come to us as a result of a referral from an existing client. We believe that air travelers appreciate an immaculately clean airplane, a friendly, professional flight crew, a smooth, comfortable flight, while avoiding as much weather as possible, and on-time performance. Our crews are trained that safety is paramount, of course, but followed closely by making our passengers feel comfortable, safe and pampered, with every need attended to.

When you arrive at our new, luxurious facility, you can drive your car directly to the airplane and we will load your luggage straight from your trunk to the airplane. You can board the airplane and the line crew will park your car inside a gated area to await your return. You can be airborne within 10 minutes of arrival at the airport, without all of the recent hassles associated with airline flying. (No need to arrive two hours early, be searched multiple times, wait for late arriving flights, cramped in a waiting lounge with no available seats, and once boarded, seated beside someone you don’t know and would rather not get to know!)

On our airplanes, you are boarded with your own party and there are no strangers. You can visit, conduct business or just relax and enjoy the comfortable seats and extravagant legroom. We can fully cater your flight with cold cuts, pastries or complete hot meals. Our complementary fully stocked bar is loaded with premium liquors and beers.

What could be better. You arrive at your destination, fresh and ready to conduct that all important business meeting, or catch the next gondola to the top of the mountain. And when your visit is finished, your airplane is there, waiting to bring you back to reality in comfort and style. We travel on your schedule, saving you many hours and even days of travel and discomfort.

In our Hawker 800XP, you can leave Palm Beach at 7:00 AM and arrive in Teterboro, NJ (close to downtown New York) in 2 hours and 25 minutes. Catch a limo to your business luncheon on Wall Street, and be back home in time to have dinner with your family.


You can leave Palm Beach on Saturday morning in our Citation CJ-1 and in less than one hour be in Nassau, Bahamas. Spend the rest of the day Saturday and all of Sunday enjoying the casino’s, beaches and golf courses, and be back in Palm Beach for a late dinner. What a way to spend a weekend!
(We also operate out of any airport that might be nearer to you than Palm Beach International Airport.)

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